MaxiClimber Reviews – XL-2000 or Classic. Do Either Work?

maxiclimber xl-2000

When considering the best machine to achieve a full-body workout at home, most people don’t even consider a vertical climber. However, vertical climbers knock out treadmills, rowing machines, and bikes for a full-body cardio machine.  We are taking a look at one of the most popular makers of vertical climbers and for these MaxiClimber reviews, … Read more

Stair Stepper vs Elliptical – A Benefits Comparison

Mother & daughter on elliptical machines

Two common forms of cardio exercise—and commonly purchased exercise machines—are the stair stepper and the elliptical. Both can be good workouts, but which should you choose if you want a home cardio machine? I recommend the elliptical, but in this stair stepper vs elliptical roundup, you’ll understand the mechanics of both and the small details … Read more

Looking for the Best Upright Exercise Bike? Our Top Picks

girl on best upright bike

Exercise bikes are great for enabling solid amounts of cardiovascular exercise in the ‘comfort’ of your home. The workout is consistent with outdoor cycling since your body places itself in the traditional cycling position. You can exercise your abdominal muscles, biceps, triceps, and shoulders if put to full use. Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links. … Read more