Aviron Rower Review – Are the “Impact & Tough Series” Rowing Machines Worth It?

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Working out can get boring, right? Especially if you’re exercising alone. That boredom can lead to a lack of motivation and eventually a lack of working out. 

Fortunately, though, technology has brought about a new era of fun interactive workout machines, including rowers. That’s why we’re here with the Aviron Rower review.

Aviron Impact and Tough Series rowers are a premium design and will keep you focused during the workouts.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Aviron Rower Machine

If you love interacting with others while you work out, the Aviron is worth the splurge. Leaderboards keep you motivated, and different tracks/courses keep you engaged. But there are other reasons to consider the Aviron rower as we’ll see.

Aviron rowing machines may not be ideal for everyone, though. If you’re not the competitive sort and you don’t intend to improve your fitness, these machines may not be for you. 

You should also think about how often you would use the machine, your level of exercise intensity, cost, and if you have space in your home or workout area for the rower. 

I’m not big into gaming but I love the immersive nature that you get. The front of the “boat” is still until you actually get and start rowing. As you go faster so the action on screen speeds up too.

Aviron Impact vs Aviron Tough

Here’s a quick chart showing the main differences between the 2 models of rowers from Aviron.

Aviron Tough Aviron Tough
  • Resistance Levels 1-16
  • Screen Touch 22″
  • Build – reinforced
  • Weight limit 507 lbs
  • Folding – no
  • Footprint – L98″ x W21″ x H44″
  • User height 6′ 8″
  • Warranty 10 years frame, 2 years parts
$2499 Go to Aviron
Aviron Impact Aviron Impact
  • Resistance Levels 1-16
  • Screen Touch 22″
  • Build – light & durable
  • Weight limit 397 lbs
  • Folding – yes
  • Footprint – L97″ x W21″ x H43″
  • User height 6′ 7″
  • Warranty 10 years frame, 2 years parts
$2199 Go to Aviron

Aviron Rower Review – Impact Series

The Aviron Impact Series Rower is the original Aviron rower. It promises to get you into shape with constantly updated features and technologies. 

What it Comes With

This product comes with the Impact premium steel rower, 22-inch touch screen, 2-year warranty, and unlimited profiles with a single membership. 

Who It’s For

The Aviron Impact rower is ideal for those who choose a low-impact over a high-impact cardio workout but still want to burn calories.

The workouts are also short, so if you’re always on the move, you can still enjoy a full-body routine. The short workouts do not mean they aren’t effective, though! 

One thing we love about this rower is it’s for all levels of fitness and competency, so you do not have to be a pro athlete to enjoy the Aviron machines.

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Who Should Pass on the Impact Rower

Since there’s so much variety with the Impact rower, it’s hard to say it’s not for everyone.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, the Impact might not be the best fit. It costs around $2100. 

There are financing options if you want the machine. But if you cannot commit to it, you might want to reconsider before making such a large purchase. 

Pros of the Impact Rower: 

  • 30-day risk-free trial means no commitment 
  • Light enough to fold and move with one hand 
  • Twenty-inch frame height means no crouching

Cons of the Impact Rower: 

  • No instructor-led workouts
  • Can only adjust the foot pad length

The Impact is a great rowing machine for changing your exercise routine. But, if you’re a beginner, not having instructors can make you feel a bit lost. 

Aviron Rower Review – Tough Series

It’s like the Impact Series Rower, but more rugged – and with more features. 

What Comes Included

Like its Impact counterpart, the Tough Series rower has a premium steel frame (10 year warranty), 22-inch touch screen, 2-year warranty on parts & labor, and unlimited profiles. The difference is in how much weight the Tough series can handle.

The Tough rower is ready to withstand up to 507 pounds. Its steel frame comes reinforced with aluminum and weighs about 25 pounds more than the Impact.

Who Should Try It

If accessibility is a factor in your workouts, the Tough rower should be your choice. The 4-way foot/hip adjustment feature allows you to customize your experience to maximize comfort during your routine.

Who Should Avoid the Tough Rower

Once again, the cost is the trickiest factor. At $2500, the Tough rower will take a bite out of your wallet. 

You also might want to get the Impact rower if you don’t require the accessibility features or the increased weight limit.

Pros of the Tough Series Rower: 

  • Elevated seat
  • Tested for all body types to ensure accessibility
  • Can adjust the width between feet, hips, and legs based on body size as well as foot pad
  • Lumbar support kit for older users or those with bad lower backs
  • Suits heights up to 6’8

Cons of the Tough Series Rower: 

  • Cost 
  • One training is available if you don’t have a membership

The Tough rower is an intense, revolutionary rowing machine meant to engage your mind and body to reach its fullest potential. 

With a reinforced steel frame and the ability to hold over 500 pounds, the Tough Series Rower will prevail through your most challenging workout sessions. 

Features & Benefits 

Both machines above have features we didn’t mention – read on to find out what makes Aviron rowing machines so unique! 

22-Inch HD Touch Screen

Okay, we already mentioned this – but we didn’t say why it’s so great! 

The touch screen has a front-facing camera, speakers, and HD quality to keep you engaged and personalize your experience. 

You can also adjust resistance and other features of your workout through the touch screen, so no more fumbling for buttons while you’re in the zone. 

Most importantly, though, the touch screen is interactive.


The Impact and Tough machines come equipped with WiFi. They can connect you with fellow Aviron users, show where you are on the leaderboard, and more. 

You can work out with up to 10 friends in your Aviron – it’s like having an exercise class with only your pals in attendance. 

Interactive Features

Then, there are the ultra-fun games included in the membership. You can: 

  • Compete with friends
  • Unlock achievements 
  • Play multiplayer games

If you love video games and working out, the two no longer have to be mutually exclusive! The games keep you focused but don’t bore you, so your workout isn’t monotonous.

Dual Air & Magnetic Resistance System

Resistance is an essential factor with rowing machines. On many rowing machines and that includes the Concept 2, a favorite of ours, resistance is a bit lame and there is little variability between high and low. Having an automatic resistance variation is something new and can make a real difference in improving your level of fitness. 

Why it’s Unique

The Aviron rowing machines come with a dual system that mimics the feeling of rowing through the water. You won’t just feel like you’re moving a clunky machine. 

The magnetic system works congruently with the air wheel to provide smooth torque. The two together equal a workout that’s both cardio and strength-centered. Check out the different types of rowing machines.

Bonus Features

Other features to note: 

  • 16 adjustable resistance levels. The upper 6 are for intense strength workouts.
  • AI adjusts your resistance automatically
  • Engages 85% of muscles but is low-impact

The resistance system is the Aviron rowing machine’s bread and butter – it’s what makes the workout, well, work. Innovative air technology and magnetic resistance make interactive games even more realistic.

Social Features

Who says working out has to be in a class with strangers or alone?

The social features of the Aviron machine are the way of the future. It is also true in 2024, as many former gym goers are still reluctant to venture to their or to workout classes because of the pandemic.

What’s Possible

As mentioned before, you can have up to ten friends in a class – but you can also add friends, follow friends, have private workout rooms, participate in monthly challenges, and more. 

Aviron wants to make working out enjoyable, and hanging out with friends is the ideal way to do so. Working out with friends means: 

  • Encouragement
  • Socializing with long-distance friends
  • No need to worry about how you look – you’re with people you trust

Exercising with Aviron isn’t just exercising. It can be a social event for you to look forward to every workout day. 

7 Ways to Work Out

If you’re looking to get the entire family in shape, the Aviron rowing machines can handle it. 

There are seven ways to work out on these machines, so even the most restless of your kids will be engaged. 


The ways to work out are: 

  • Virtual
  • Performance
  • Games 
  • Pros vs. Joes (compete against top athletes and Olympians!)
  • Guided programs that take you on and off the machine
  • Competition with friends or other members
  • Power play – combines guided training and games 

Let out your inner child with games or get serious with performance and power play – or satiate your travel bug with the virtual feature. Either way, each workout is designed to keep you moving.


If you just embarked on your rowing machine search, you may not know all that’s out there. Two alternatives to Aviron machines are: 

1. Ergatta

The Ergatta home rower is a little north of $2k, which includes installation and a 5-year warranty on the body of your rower. 

Ergatta also has a touch screen, but it’s slightly smaller than Aviron at 17 inches. It supports the same weight and height as the Tough Series rower but at the Impact Series price. 

This is a nice alternative although there are high tech features missing (although the company has promised to release more).

It’s a water rower so noise levels are lower and nice if you like the wooshing sound. The resistance levels are neither automatic or as variable.

The price is about the same as the Aviron rower but it’s a very stylish looking piece of fitness equipment in a traditional sense.

2. Hydrow

What sets Hydrow apart from Ergatta and Aviron is that the classes are live. If you enjoy live on-demand exercise classes, you should check this alternative out for sure. The Peleton of rowing machines.

Again the Hydrow is comparable or perhaps a little than the price of the Ergatta and Aviron rowers for the base model – i.e expensive. Hydrow offers several packages with its rowing machine as well, so if you’re starting your home gym, it’s a great way to gear up. 

The electromagnet heart of the machine creates a rowing feel to each stroke.

It’s a very stylish rower in a more modern, minimalist way.


Based on this Aviron rower review, working out doesn’t have to be boring! The Aviron rowing machines will engage your mind and body so you can feel and look your best. 

With interactive games, social features, and accessibility, the Aviron rowers will keep you fit for years to come. 

Check out more details, videos and reviews of the Aviron rowing machines here.

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