5 Best Total Gym Alternatives For Value and Efficacy

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If you’re familiar with Total Gym, you’ll know that it has proven to be a go-to machine for a certain design of home multi-gym equipment, even though there are many others with similar features and benefits.  We’ve compiled a list of five Total Gym alternatives to help you choose the best one for you and … Read more

A Guide To 8 Top Total Gym Models – Choose The Right One!

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You’ve probably seen the commercials of celebrities endorsing Total Gym. Known for its effectiveness, especially in-home gyms, Total Gym machines have gained popularity over the years. However, the different Total Gym models on the market today can make choosing one, challenging. Here’s a guide I put together that looks at many of the “available” Total … Read more

Vigorfit vs Total Gym: Which Is the Best Value?

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Seen the Vigorfit infomercials but you’re conflicted because you know and trust the Total Gym brand? The fitness industry is competitive and making a decision between the multitude of products out there is hard. Vigorfit and Total Gym are the leading bodyweight, pulley-system home gyms. And Total Gym have a lot of workout models at … Read more

Best Squat Rack for Home – 5 Reviews & Guide

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After going to the gym for several months, I’d become familiar with most of the equipment and machines, aside from the squat rack. At first, I thought it wasn’t the sort of workout equipment not suited to me. However, as time went on and I began using one, I saw a lot of improvement, especially … Read more

Best Power Tower for Upper Body Fitness at Home

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Are you suffering from a weak back or pesky belly fat? The power tower or pull-up, dip station can sort at your core and strengthen the back muscles. Actually, the best power tower can have a positive effect on many major muscle groups and all from the comfort of your own home. No need to … Read more

Discover The Best Compact Home Gym – Reviews & Guide

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Making it to the gym can be tough. There always seems to be an excuse: time pressures, finances or self-insecurities. Sound familiar? The best compact home gym can alleviate these issues and promote a healthier and more active lifestyle. Besides we, at tryHomeFitness, are all about encouraging home fitness through exercise and eating well. Stick … Read more