Best Treadmill Mat for your Floor’s Protection & Noise Reduction

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Although my treadmill (and upright bike) helped me organize my exercise program at home, it came with some annoyances like the constant pounding of the treadmill and the fear of damaging my floors.

Luckily, after doing loads of research I have my treadmill, bike, etc. all now sitting cozily on mats, quiet as a mouse.

For this article, we extended our search for the best treadmill mat for your floors’ protection and for absorbing the noise of most pieces of fitness equipment.

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Starting with our top favorite:

  1. Body-Solid Treadmill Mat – Best Overall
  2. XMark Fitness Ultra Thick Equipment Mat – Best For Heavy Machines
  3. BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Exercise Equipment Mat – Best Value
  4. Confidence Fitness Large Rubber Impact Mat
  5. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

Best Treadmill Mats Overview

No need to risk damaging your floors or remaining victim to the noise of your treadmill. Our top 5 picks of the best treadmill mats are here:

1. Body-Solid Treadmill Mat – Best for Hardwood Floors

Bold Solid brings us a durable treadmill mat. It’s made from PVC, which means that if any liquids end up on the mat, it shouldn’t cause any damage.

The sturdy design muffles out the noise and significantly reduces vibrations. It also claims to keep floor and carpet dust from reaching the machine, which could damage the parts over time. It’s why this option could be the best treadmill mat for carpets.

At 6.5 feet in length, this mat should comfortably fit most standard-size treadmills. You can also place it under other gym equipment such as an elliptical or ski machine.

However, because it’s thin, it won’t be suitable for huge fitness equipment.
Dimensions: 36 inches by 78 inches by 0.12 inches
Weight: Five pounds


  • Protects floors and the machine itself.
  • Made of long-lasting PVC.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Odor when first unpacked.

2. XMark Fitness Ultra Thick Equipment Mat – Best for Heavy Machines but Pricey

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty treadmill mat, this option from XMark won’t disappoint. Coming in at 0.5-inches thick, this bad boy is ideal for heavier machines or sensitive flooring materials.

In our opinion, it’d be the best treadmill mat for the heaviest of machines, especially if carrying a heavy person :). That being said it is also heavier than most making it a bit cumbersome to move around the house, especially if doing so on a regular basis.

It’s made from recycled rubber, making it a great option for absorbing those vibrations. This also makes for an important selling point if you want to cut back on your carbon footprint.

There’s a textured non-slip surface on top to hold the machine in place.

However, do keep in mind that if your treadmill is long, this mat is shorter than others, so double-check your measurements before purchasing.
Dimensions: 48 inches by 72 inches by 0.5 inches
Weight: 75 pounds


  • On the thicker side.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Textured, non-slip surface.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Pricey
  • Heavier than most.

3. BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Treadmill Equipment Mat – Best Value

“BalanceFrom” brings us a durable treadmill mat for stability, aimed at keeping your treadmill or any other exercise machine exactly where it’s supposed to stay. The opposing patterns on the front and back also help in the machine and mat shifting.

It’s constructed from a high density PVC material, having the properties of rubber making it suitable for yoga, pilates and other similar exercise variations.

The material is also waterproof or rather, it has moisture resistance which makes it easy to clean with a wet wipe. Floors should stay protected in case of a spill.

This mat has a slight bounce to it and is suitable for a variety of flooring, though not overly thick. At 0.25 inches, it’s appropriate for your standard treadmills.

We find it to be the best treadmill for it’s anti-slip properties.
2 year warranty.

Dimensions: 36 inches by 78 inches by 0.23 inches
Weight: 6.5 pounds


  • Great for staying put
  • Reduces noise effectively.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Other buyers have commented on tears developing (most haven’t).

4. Confidence Fitness Large Rubber Impact Mat

This mat is a simple, yet effective option. Despite its title, it’s actually a bit smaller than some others here, but that’s not to say it’s without its advantages.

It’s made from rubber, making it a viable option for reducing damage and noise. The material also makes it the best treadmill mat for vibration, in our opinion. It’s dense enough to be effective whilst easy to roll and transport

The textured surface on the bottom of the mat will help with stability and keeping both it and your treadmill in place during use.

This mat should fit nicely under most treadmills, aside from the larger, more commercial machines.

Dimensions: 30 inches by 71.5 inches by 0.2 inches
Weight: N/A


  • Dense but portable
  • Made from a sturdy rubber material.
  • Textured bottom for stability.
  • Reduces vibrations effectively.


  • Not suitable for larger, heavier machines.

5. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

We wanted to include a puzzle mat that could be shaped and sized to fit the needs of your home exercise area and this BalanceFrom mat fitted the bill.

These sorts of mats are particularly good for larger areas or spaces that you can add to as they are interlocking units. Ideal for basement or garage gyms on concrete or very hard floors they are easily assembled although once laid it is a less convenient system than normal mats.

These high-density EPA interlocking mats are suitable for virtually anything exercise-related or even other imaginative uses. From body-only exercises to heavy-duty resistance machines and weights exercises.

The BalanceForm puzzle mat is sold by the 6 with 12 end border pieces and you can choose between .5″ or .75″ thickness. They are moisture-resistant and easy to clean simply with soap and water.

They come in black gray and blue so theoretically, they could be designed to make an interesting pattern.

Dimensions: 24 inches by 24 inches by 0.5 / .75 inches
Weight: 5 pounds


  • Heavy duty.
  • Scalable.
  • Versatile


  • Mixed color tiles slightly different thicknesses.
  • Less easy to transpose.

What Is a Treadmill Mat?

I’m always hesitant to invest in the “accessories” that companies advertise with their workout machines. However, there are times that these add-ons are worth it.

Treadmill mats go under your machine and provide a quieter walking or running experience. They also protect wood or vinyl floors and carpets from potential damage.

In fact, good mats can be used under any substantial fitness machine including rowers, ellipticals, bikes as well as treadmills which is one of the heaviest machines.

With resistance machines which can be a lot heavier, then the mat you use takes on an even bigger significance.

They’re usually rectangular and made of durable materials that offer flexibility.

Furthermore, they’re comparatively inexpensive—especially considering that you’ll probably save money on repairs.

Benefits of a Treadmill Mat

If you’re an avid treadmill user, but don’t have a mat yet, your life is about to become a little more stress-free. The top benefits are:

1. Noise Reduction

Most are familiar with that “thump thump” sound that comes with using a treadmill. It can be annoying at best and highly distracting at worse, for both the users and others in the vicinity.

Instead of waking the kids during nap time or killing your motivation out of utter annoyance, a treadmill mat may help this noise practically disappear.

They’re constructed of sound-absorbing materials, also used in cases of soundproofing rooms, for example. This includes rubber, PVC, foam, vinyl or a combination of these.

This video may help in reducing the noise the actual treadmill is making as opposed to including a mat which will reduce it even more. Excuse the rather annoying automated words.

2. Protects the Floors

Another potential problem caused by using the treadmill is damage to your flooring. If you’re not careful, this can happen for a variety of reasons.

The first is that these machines aren’t lightweight, especially when someone is using them. With an average capacity of 200 to 300 pounds added onto the initial structure, over time, your floors can wear down under the feet of the machine.

Secondly, due to the vibrations, treadmills tend to shift a little from their original location. Any scooting or even rearranging of the treadmill can cause scratches on your floors.

Most treadmills contain lubricants to reduce friction between the motor and the belt. With continuous movement of these parts, it can start to leak over time—which could also stain the floor.

Using a mat can help protect your flooring from any of the above scenarios.

What to Look for in the Best Treadmill Mat

Treadmill mats are simple objects but there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you pick the right one:


This might seem obvious—but getting the right size mat can often be overlooked since many aren’t aware that treadmill shapes and sizes vary.

Most mats are around six feet by three feet to accommodate your standard treadmills. However, some machines are closer to seven feet in length, so if that’s your case, you need to opt for a larger mat.

Measure the dimensions of your treadmill before committing to a purchase.


Most treadmill mats range between 0.15 and 0.25-inches thick. This should cover your basic machines if you use them occasionally and are an average-sized person.

For those that use their treadmills religiously, have heavier machines, or are larger individuals, you should opt for the thickest mat you can find. There are options that are closer to 0.5-inches thick and while this will cost you more, it will be worth it.

There are features in a mat design that may interfere with each of the benefits. So a hard sturdy mat may be durable and tough but will probably not allow for stability over a carpet for instance. The solid mat will also be less suitable as an all-round mat for yoga and other exercises.


The best treadmill mats will cushion the machine as you use it and stop it from shifting around. Look for durability to ensure your mat will last you:

  • PVC—very durable, waterproof.
  • Rubber or rubberized vinyl—dense, best for absorbing vibrations, often made from recycled materials.
  • Foam—not very dense, starts to tear over time.

Final Word on Mats for Gym Equipment

Once you’ve found a good treadmill mat, it’ll be strange to imagine what it was like without one. They offer many benefits, after all, from protecting your floors to reducing that annoying sound when you run.

Each mat on our list comes with its perks but our choice for the best treadmill mat is the Body-Solid Treadmill Mat.

Made from PVC, it should be long-lasting and durable, which is exactly what we want with this accessory. While it’s thinner than some others on our list, the lifetime warranty and all-floor protection make up the difference.

Your carpets, hardwoods and tiles should be safe.

For more on treadmills, we have covered, treadmills with TVs, the manual treadmill, folding treadmills and under the bed treadmills.

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