CAROL Bike Review ‒ Does Just 40 Secs, 3 Days a Week Get Huge Results?

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Can it be possible to vastly improve fitness levels in just 3 sessions of 40 seconds a week? And can it be done from home? What a bonus that would be.

This CAROL bike review covers the features and benefits of the stationary bicycle. Is it the answer to a quick HIIT fit fix?

It’s certainly a step up from your run-of-the-mill spin bikes.

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With gym visits, not an option for many, a stationary bike can provide tremendous results without a significant, time-consuming commitment. Most of us want to take the easy path to fitness and find the best results from the smallest amount of work.

Cycling, in general, is a good way to get your heart working. I love cycling outside in the countryside but I also enjoy my indoor exercise bikes for a multitude of reasons but certainly bad (wet) weather is a big one.

The benefits of working out with a stationary bicycle include boosting your cardio fitness and burning fat, strengthening your legs and lower body, and getting in a safer workout than road cycling.

Stationary bikes can also offer a low-impact workout and allow for training in intervals. Compared with other cardio equipment, a stationary bicycle stresses your joints less and provides you with excellent aerobic endurance.

We’ve tried to cover all the different types of exercise bikes.

The CAROL Stationary Bike 

It has become well documented that HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a proven effective way of improving fitness levels. This is true for elite-level athletes to work-from-home moms. It’s a standout feature of a stationary bike.

Fitness is my passion and making the most of my time makes sense. The CAROL stationary bike claims maximum benefits in an optimal amount of time. So how is this achieved?

The CAROL Bike Review 

CAROL is an acronym for cardiovascular optimization logic (CAR.O.L.). AI is artificial intelligence. This bike uses AI to optimize your cardiovascular workout.

Carol bike review in a bare room

CAROL uses artificial intelligence to get to know your ability. This stationary bike caters to your specific needs – it tracks your efforts over time to get a baseline then reacts to your efforts as your aerobic ability improves.

This CAROL bike is suitable for any age as long as they are prepared to get pushed by a short but demanding HIIT routine served up by a clever exercise machine. If you get easily winded or want a more leisurely bike ride, this bike might not be the product for you. 

Artificial Intelligence

The CAROL AI caters to a user’s specific needs. This stationary bike adjusts settings to give you the best results for your fitness level. Each ride guides you along via the software’s algorithm.

CAROL Bike Pros:

  • The rider starts with six calibration rides, including sprints, so the bike better understands the rider’s ability. 
  • The unique claims of fitness progression in such short doses is backed up by much research.
  • There is first class support service offered to customers experiencing issues. 
  • It is easy to register and set up your CAROL account. 
  • Compact design.
  • Saftey built in to the software to warn about high heart rate.
  • Toe cage and cleat support.  
  • Handlebars read and track your performance, biometrics, and overall health. 

CAROL Bike Cons:

  • It’s expensive.
  • It may be an odd point but I actually look forward to the length and intensity of a bike workout. Sometimes it’s not always the results that matter. It’s the endeavor too.
  • Doesn’t offer classes although you can plug in the Peloton Digital app at a cost.
  • Reboots to the computer system are necessary when encountering certain issues. 

CAROL Bike Features

The stainless steel CAROL stationary bike comes as one large piece. The screen, peddles, seat, rolling bar, feet, and handles attach to the frame. Assembly took us (2 people) an hour and a bit – the initial assembly is heavy work.

There are some ride options and a weekly leaderboard to meet your needs. 

Intense Ride Option

This is the “hero” setting. It’s the computer-controlled workout that gives the biggest rewards in the smallest time frame.

This stationary bicycle gives the rider a workout that is claimed to equal a 45-minute jog in less than nine minutes – 8mins and 40 secs, to be precise. The Intense Ride starts with a two-minute slow peddle warmup.

You speed up for a 20-second sprint and then follow up with three minutes of recovery peddling. Afterward, riders head back into a 20-second sprint and then end with three minutes of slow recovery peddling and mindful breathing.

Fat Burn Ride Option 

There are two fat burn settings. The first has 30 sprints that are eight seconds each with rests in between. The second setting doubles that workout to 60 sprints.  

Energizer Ride Option

In eight minutes and 20 seconds, the Energizer Ride offers that burst of energy to wake you up. It is similar to the Intense Ride, but sprints are only 10 seconds long.

Weekly Leaderboard

The weekly leaderboard allows riders to compete with others around the world. It allows you to connect with a community of riders and set and meet exercise goals.

CAROL Bike Benefits

Besides the ride options, the CAROL stationary bike offers additional benefits for your health and wellness.

Health Benefits ‒ Glycogen Depletion

When riding the CAROL bike, your body goes into glycogen depletion. This process happens when the body uses stored sugar, triggering molecular changes that make you more fit. A chart in the CAROL handbook shows what type of exercise aids glycogen depletion. Only 10-20 seconds of sprints on the CAROL bike offer the same benefits as 30 minutes of CrossFit training or 45 minutes of jogging.

Octane Score

Your octane score measures your fitness level, calculated by dividing the total power you produce by the number of heartbeats it takes to produce that power. The octane score and VO2 score, which is the maximum amount of oxygen you intake during a workout, are known to improve using the CAROL bike.

Before Diving in and Buying a CAROL AI Bike

Some things you should consider.

Before making this commitment, ask yourself:

  1. Are you okay forking out around $2500 (starter bundle) for a “clever bike”?
  2. Would you commit to the HIIT style of training. It is, after all, High Intensity?
  3. Are you committed to personal fitness and tracking your progress?
  4. Do you have space for the bike whilst aboard so it can be used without distractions?
  5. Would you miss the longer, more traditional way of getting fit – one that can be more leisurely and maybe more fun?


You might not like the CAROL AI bike. It is expensive although some of the alternatives are too.


The Peloton stationary bike is similar in price to the CAROL bike and offers an app and computer system to guide your workout. However, monthly payments are more expensive than those for the CAROL bike. The Peloton system doesn’t intelligently adapt to each ride for the optimal effects like the CAROL.

If you’re into the full branding experience, Peloton offers apparel for the “perfect ride”. Personally, it smacks of a form of marketing that squeezes every penny from the customer.

Apex Rides

This high-performance stationary bike provides at-home cardio options using smart technology. Hundreds of on-demand cardio workouts are available to take at your own pace. Like the CAROL bike, the Apex Rides leaderboard keeps track of workouts and fosters a healthy community of encouragement.

Good news – it’s a lot cheaper. Bad news – not yet available in the US.


If you want a stationary bike to optimize your fitness scientifically, the CAROL bike is an excellent option. The bike offers several time-saving options, so you get the maximum results in minimum time.

After the initial preliminary workouts whilst the software is calculating your level of fitness, yes, in just 40 seconds three times a week, you can see significant results. The CAROL high-intensity interval training bike is built to help track your fitness and monitor your progress.

CAROL’s stationary bicycle is the first exercise bike powered by artificial intelligence, giving you ultimate personalized workouts.

You can enjoy the confidence of choosing the right exercise bike by taking advantage of a 100-day home trial.

Research carried out by the American Council on Exercise and CAROL’s own, shows you get health and fitness gains in just eight weeks by using its bike.

But it might be for everyone so the 100-day trial allows you to experience its benefits for yourself, risk-free.

Check out the CAROL website for information about monthly payment options with 0% finance and subscriptions. With free delivery in just 7-10 days, you can start realizing all of the health benefits the AI stationary bicycle offers quickly.

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