Best Home Gym Equipment for Weight Loss in 2024

One of the most efficient ways to slim down is to invest in the best home gym equipment for weight loss. Why?  Well for starters, it is harder to skip a workout if the equipment is right there inside your own home. In fact, research shows that working out at home is just as effective … Read more

5 Best Total Gym Alternatives For Value and Efficacy

Woman sitting on bench with water bottle titled Total Gym Alternatives

If you’re familiar with Total Gym, you’ll know that it has proven to be a go-to machine for a certain design of home multi-gym equipment, even though there are many others with similar features and benefits.  We’ve compiled a list of five Total Gym alternatives to help you choose the best one for you and … Read more

Wolaco Review – 1st Choice for Compression Shorts & Longs?

Wolaco Products Review

As a fitness enthusiast, I love shopping for products of high quality to help improve my performance, look good and feel comfortable. In addition, it is important to consider the durability of your products for peace of mind. In this Wolaco review, we take a deeper look at their products, alongside their suitability for fitness … Read more

The 5 Best Ankle Fitness Tracker in 2024 [plus guide]

Best ankle fitness tracker with smartphone on wood background

It can be hard for many people to stay committed to a workout program when they can’t visualize their progress. One of the best ways to drive your home workout is using a fitness tracker.  My top pick for the best ankle fitness tracker is the Fitbit Flex 2 Smart Fitness Tracker, although the products … Read more

5 of the Best CrossFit Shorts Men Will Love in 2024

crossfit shorts men training with kettlebells

One of the many reasons why CrossFit is so popular is that instead of relying on gym equipment, participants use unique moves to stay in shape and strengthen their bodies. But in order to feel comfortable and confident while doing your workout, you need to be sporting the best CrossFit shorts men can find.  Our … Read more