About me.

Hi and welcome to tryHomeFitness my name is Jenny. I have, for many years, enjoyed keeping fit.

I discovered running when I was challenged to a 12 mile run by a ‘friend’ at work years after I thought I had ran my last long race at school. Without going into gory detail I was finished after a couple of miles and staggered the rest of the way.

But for some reason, I was hooked and both of us started entering competitions.

I began researching everything to do with running and fitness. I realized that aerobic exercise wasn’t enough so started going to the gym to get strong and became a bit of a gym junkie.

Fast forward a few years, a partner and 2 children and I suddenly found less and less time for such pleasurable activities. Eating whatever I wanted was now not an option. Less miles meant more inches.

But I just had to re-arrange my schedule and concentrate on getting fit (again) from home.

Friends and especially other women around me were in the same boat so where possible I would encourage them on a home fitness journey together which became the precursor to this blog.

My goal on this site is to provide the best information for those wishing to get fitter at home whatever age but especially if starting out.

the site

I hope you find the information on this site useful. I want the content to be of the highest standard.

The reviews rely on a combination of actual experience with the items but where that’s not possible, extensive research is carried out to get real customer’s feedback.

I spend a lot of time talking with fitness professionals that I have got to know over the years getting to know what’s going on in the health and fitness world with a view that it may be of interest to you, the reader.

If the following rings any bells with you then you’ll enjoy the information here

  • You want to lead a healthy lifestyle but where’s the time?
  • Keeping the weight under control – now there’s a challenge
  • You know a regular exercise regime and eating well is good for you but how do you remain motivated?
  • You want to be able to pass on good fitness habits to the kids – it’s important
  • You know that getting and keeping fit has ongoing health benefits
  • Where do you start with getting fit at home?
  • You would like honest recommendations on the right stuff to buy

If any of these sound familiar I fully understand. Let me know your thoughts and where the problems lie to getting fit at home.