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Are you suffering from a weak back or pesky belly fat? The power tower or pull-up, dip station can sort at your core and strengthen the back muscles.

Actually, the best power tower can have a positive effect on many major muscle groups and all from the comfort of your own home. No need to visit the gym, in fact, the last gym I went to was limited in what could be done. For instance, no suitable padding meant knees raises were very uncomfortable on the wrists and arms.

But what about choosing the right equipment?

Starting with our favorite, the top five power towers are:

  1. Fitness Reality Multi Function Power Tower
  2. HARISON Power Tower Dip Station with Bench
  3. Steelbody Strength Training Power Tower
  4. Body Champ Multi Function Power Tower
  5. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

What Is a Power Tower?

This multi-functional workout machine is also known as a captain’s chair or knee-raise station. Built to work the upper body and abdominal muscles, it’s a popular piece of equipment due to its versatility and we all want a stronger core.

There are no weights involved here unless you want to wear a weighted vest. Instead, you’ll rely solely on your body weight. This means that intensity and levels of difficulty can vary depending on what you’re after.

Advantages of Using a Power Tower

Power towers are a great choice for home workout equipment. They provide you the chance to strengthen your body, get lean and possibly shed some fat. Other advantages include:

Long-Run Savings

Buying a power tower is an investment in your body, especially if you’re looking to strengthen your back, arms or those all important abdominal muscles.

Buying one upfront costs more than a month or two at the gym, of course. However, once you have a good one, it’s yours for years to come. With no moving parts creating friction and therefore wear a power tower is a good asset.

Speaking of savings, scheduling in your workout won’t be difficult, especially when time is of the essence.

Multipurpose Use

The power tower is a multipurpose device that allows you to perform different workouts all within the same setup.

Push-ups and hanging knee raises are just two exercises one can carry out on this machine. Other popular examples include:

  • Chin-ups: The user pulls his body up with his arms until his chin is over the bar. Chin-ups build several upper back muscles including the infamous lats (latissimus dorsi), biceps, chest and more.
  • Pull-ups: They’re similar to chin-ups, but the hand position is in reverse here, facing outwards instead of toward you. You pull yourself up until the chest meets the bar. Pull-ups strengthen the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and rhomboids, among other muscles.
  • Dips: The user dips down between parallel bars and pulls their weight back up again. Dips are a great core-strengthening exercise, along with benefitting the chest and arm muscles.

What to Look for When Choosing a Power Tower

Investing in a power tower means choosing a machine that suits your needs:

Weight Capacity

Sturdiness isn’t something that you can overlook. The whole point of getting a power tower is to do workouts with your body weight. You need to make sure the weight capacity is suitable for you and others who’ll be using it.

Before purchasing, take a look at the weight limit. If you plan on adding on weights, which some do allow for, keep that in mind as well.

Budget and Value

Power towers can save you money in the long run, but you don’t want to go broke buying one either. Set a realistic budget and make a list of the features you’re after.

Do you need all the versatility a machine can offer or are you after a few basic exercises? Something like this will make a difference where cost is concerned. Some lower-end machines may not provide every single station component, while others offer the whole shebang.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for something that’s durable and with a higher weight limit, the machine is going to be more expensive.


If you’re hesitant about your purchase or want some extra peace of mind, a warranty will be important. You don’t want to get your machine set-up and find out you’re unhappy with it. Or worse, that it’s not functioning as you expected.

A warranty gives you the option to get help from the company, within a limited period, of course. Check the stipulations and make sure to keep all of your paperwork.


Before you hit the market for one of these, you should have a clear idea of where you’ll be putting the machine.

While you shop, keep your designated space in mind. You’ll find that some power towers fit right up against a wall, while others need to be accessed from all sides. Ceiling height, as well as the area around the machine, should be considered.

Safety Precautions When Using a Power Tower

Even the best power tower is only as good as their safety features allow them to be. There are some additional steps you can take to further decrease the chance for injury:

  • Bolt down if possible: If your power tower can be bolted down, go ahead and take advantage of that. The few minutes it’ll take will help you rest easy knowing the machine is stable and secure. Make sure it’s on level ground too.
  • Step support: Some power towers offer this for help when mounting the device. Use it cautiously and pay attention to setting up for your exercise.
  • Keep your workout area free from clutter: Not only do you need to keep your dimensions in mind. You also want to make sure there is a buffer space around the machine to allow free movement whilst working out.
  • Don’t overload it: The machine toppling over is just one accident that can happen if there’s too much weight up top. When adding weights or if other people are using it, always ensure you’re not crossing the weight limit.

Best Power Tower Reviews

To find the best power towers for you, we’ve scoured the internet and taken user feedback in mind.

Fitness Reality Multi Function Power Tower

This durable power tower comes in at number one for a reason. It’s stable and secure with plenty of features to offer you a comfortable, yet hardcore workout. There’s a 400-pound weight capacity here, so the sky’s the limit – well your ceiling anyway. A three-position adjustable stability beam further enhances the safety of this power tower. It’s complemented by the heavy-duty steel frame, which can be bolted to the wall. A step support option provides yet another safety measure which we appreciate.

When it comes to comfort, there’s an angled forearm cushion and an adjustable backrest, along with two handlebars covered in foam. These can be adjusted as well, as you see fit.

The two-inch thick dip handles are large and easy to grasp, though may be difficult to manage for those with smaller hands. You can also perform pull-ups/chin-ups on the station above, while a push-up bar is located at the bottom of the unit.
Weight: 150 pounds
Dimensions: 63.4 inches by 49 inches by 83 inches


  • We like the safety features such as a step support and bolt option.
  • Three stations available for use.
  • Steel construction makes for a rugged machine.


  • Some complain that this machine arrives in two separate boxes due to delivery weight limits. You may not receive both at the same time.

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HARISON Power Tower Dip Station with Bench

Harison brings us a power tower that not only features your typical stations (dip, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.) but also has a bench. If you’re into bench-pressing or enjoy incorporating free weights into your routine, this could be a great choice.
When it’s not in use you can remove the bench to create more space for your other workouts.

This isn’t the only customizable feature offered here. The machine sports four different height options from 70 to 88 inches. If multiple people are using it, this could be extra beneficial.

A steel frame and non-slip feet help further bolster the 500-pound weight capacity of this power tower. Unfortunately, there’s no option for bolting it down.

Comfort features include a back cushion and elbow pads, which are standard for power towers. You can easily wipe the material clean after you’ve managed to cover it in sweat.

You know this company means business as they provide a risk-free warranty up to five years on the frame and one year for the remaining parts of the tower.

Weight: 101 pounds
Dimensions: 58 inches by 45 inches by 93 inches


  • A removable bench is included for extra exercise options.
  • Multiple users can benefit from the adjustable height feature.
  • A five-year warranty covers the frame.


  • Can’t be bolted down for stability.

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Steelbody Strength Training Power Tower

The power tower should remain in good shape even after regular use for years. This is due to the steel frame, which even looks sleek with a powder-coated finish. It’s narrow by design, so if space is an issue for you, this machine might fit the bill. It offers different modules including a knee-raise portion and an adjustable push-up bar down below, which can then turn into a dip station. Soft vinyl canvas cushions provide comfort for your back and forearms.

There’s also a leg hold-down bar at the bottom for help with sit-ups. This provides you the chance to work directly on your core.

The max weight on this piece is 350 pounds, which is an average capacity compared to others on this list.
Weight: 88 pounds
Dimensions: 58 inches by 91 inches by 42 inches


  • The leg hold-down bar makes core development easy.
  • It sports a sleek frame design.


  • Watch out when you open the package. The assembly bolts could be strewn about and aren’t always packaged correctly.

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Body Champ Multi Function Power Tower

The company claims that its d-frame base provides extra stability on this power tower. It also features protective feet to stop it from slipping around and this may also protect your flooring underneath the machine.
Box-style heavy cushions protect the areas that matter, such as under the arms and behind the back. The cushioned handles have extra grip, providing a non-slip workout. Materials used for these areas are seam-stitched for reinforcement.

Dips, pull-ups, chin-ups and push-ups are all possible here.

With a weight capacity at just over 200 pounds, though, you need to think twice before adding weights. Furthermore, this power tower doesn’t offer much in the way of adjustability, so if you’re tall, double-check its suitability.

Weight: 88 pounds
Dimensions: 58.5 inches by 46.5 inches by 83 inches


  • Solid steel frame with a d-shaped base for added stability.
  • Protective feet that don’t scratch floors and stop it from shifting around.
  • Plenty of high-quality cushioning that should last.


  • It may not be ideal for taller individuals.
  • A low-weight capacity may stop you from adding weights to your routine.

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Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

Value Option
This power tower sports four workout stations including dip, pull-up with multi-grip, push-up and a vertical knee raise area. Thankfully, the affordable price tag matches the simplistic nature.
A weight capacity of 200 pounds may stop larger individuals from using it or those that want to pack on the weights for an extra challenge. Users closer to the six-foot mark may need to give an extra bend to their knees when dipping.

There’s some adjustability where the dip bars and push-up bar are concerned, though it may not be enough for the giants among us.

Due to its basic set-up and smaller size, it should be easy to assemble, not requiring much know-how, aside from following the instructions.

Weight: 88 pounds
Dimensions: 57 inches by 41 inches by 84 inches


  • The basic set-up and design make it great for beginners.
  • Multi-grip handles for extra support.
  • It’s a budget-friendly power tower.


  • Lightweight with no bolt-down option, it might shift during use.

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The best power towers will give a stable, secure workout with various stations to meet your needs. Keep your most desirable features in mind when you’re on the hunt and decide on a budget.

It’s hard to choose a top favorite when each machine has something to offer. But for us, it’s the Fitness Reality Multi Function Power Tower. Thanks to its steel construction, stability beam and bolt-down option, we’d feel safe using it day-in, day-out.

What are you waiting for? Hop on-board a power tower today and see the difference it makes to your upper body strength.

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