Vigorfit vs Total Gym: Which Is the Best Value?

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Seen the Vigorfit infomercials but you’re conflicted because you know and trust the Total Gym brand?

The fitness industry is competitive and making a decision between the multitude of products out there is hard. Vigorfit and Total Gym are the leading bodyweight, pulley-system home gyms.

And Total Gym have a lot of workout models at various price points.

While they look quite similar, there’s a significant difference in price. In the battle of Vigorfit vs Total Gym, both have their pros and cons. For the general fitness population, Vigorfit has good features at a price that the higher range Total Gym models don’t match.

Here’s my short guide to the specific features, specifications, added bonuses, and value for money the two gyms offer. We’ll also look at who Vigorfit is best for and who will benefit more with Total Gym. Let the battle begin!

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The Competition Begins: Vigorfit Vs Total Gym

Although both Vigorfit and Total Gym are leading home fitness brands, Total Gym has more authority in the industry and it is the brand most known. They’ve been around since the 70s whereas Vigorfit is a newer brand on the scene and they’re openly challenging Total Gym on its higher priced models.

In the choice between Vigorfit vs Total Gym, Vigorfit manages is comparable to Total Gym on most features and is generally cheaper.

While Vigorfit makes it quite clear on their website that they’re here to outperform Total Gym, there are still pros and cons to each. Let’s take a look at those now.

Vigorfit Pros and Cons

With a controversial anti-Total Gym marketing strategy, does Vigorfit follow through on its promises, can it do what Total Gym does and still maintain the attractive price?

The Pros:

Vigorfit packs a punch when it comes to features, here are the key advantages:

  •  107 exercises available.
  •  Email access to a personal trainer.
  •  75 resistance levels.
  •  Comfortable and thick two-inch padding.

The Cons:

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the Vigorfit isn’t immune to a few drawbacks. Here are the cons:

  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  • No DVD Instructional Support.

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Total Gym Pros and Cons

Total Gym is the leading brand in home gyms. They have or have had around 30 different models, here’s what they offer. We’ve taken a deeper look into some of Total Gym’s available models here.

The Pros:

Here is why Total Gym currently dominates the market:

  • It’s a whole fitness infrastructure in itself.
  • Can support body weights of up to 450 pounds..
  • Six instructional DVDs included.
  • Over 80 exercises available.
  • High-quality pulley system.

The Cons:

Here are the drawbacks:

  • Price — Total Gym can be more expensive than Vigorfit.
  • Fewer attachments available without extra purchases.

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The Features Head to Head

It wouldn’t be much of a home-gym battle if I didn’t compare size, accessories, educational resources, and functionality, so let’s take a look at those considerations now.


The dimensions of Vigorfit and Total Gym are similar when set up and ready for use. There’s also only a three-pound weight difference between them.

  • Vigorfit weighs 80 pounds with an unfolded size of 19 x 90 x 43 inches (WxHxD).
  • Total Gym is 83 pounds and set up in your garage it measures 18.5 x 93 x 44.5 inches (WxHxD).

When folded for storage, both are within an inch or two of each other. You won’t have to worry about storage space because each is about the size of a household ironing board when collapsed and packed away.


They both have the same pulley function and use bodyweight resistance and an incline bench. As far as functionality goes, they more or less do the same thing.

Resistance Levels

Total Gym has 12 resistance levels, whereas Vigorfit provides over six times more value with a whopping 75 resistance levels.

On a Total Gym, you can lift up to 56% of your body weight. On the Vigorfit you can lift up to 72% of your body weight.

If your heart is set on a Total Gym though, it’s important to note that you can add extra weight to either product.

Included Accessories

The Vigorfit package comes with more inclusions and attachments. You get a toe bar, pull-up bar, resistance bands, push-up bar, power bands, and a squat board.

Your Total Gym package, on the other hand, includes ankle cuffs, squat stand, and an ab crunch.

Note that all the accessories Vigorfit includes for free can be purchased for your Total Gym at extra cost.

Number of Exercises Available

Because of all the attachments, Vigorfit covers 107 exercises. Total Gym falls around 20 short at 80 exercises, unless you purchase extra attachments.

Ongoing Education

Both gyms offer ongoing education but in different forms. The Total Gym package includes six instructional DVDs with a personal trainer across different levels as you progress. They also provide guides and charts to help you with nutrition.

Vigorfit offers access to a personal trainer via email so you can ask any individualized questions related to your training regime or nutrition.

The Pulley System

Although the function is very similar, the aesthetics, and possibly quality, is slightly different. Vigorfit uses rope which is relatively easy to adjust. Total Gym uses a polished rubber-coated steel cable.

The rope can feel flimsy compared to a steel cable but Vigorfit does offer a lifetime product warranty.

Notable Extra Features

Some features do stand out more than the others. These are the main differences.

Vigorfit Inclusions

  • The Pilates Kit: This kit includes ankle cuffs, resistance bands, a toe bar, and shoulder pads to act as a pilates reformer bed. I really like the power bands as it enables users to create an extra 188 pounds of resistance.
  • Virtual Trainer: If you can’t figure out a certain exercise or need nutritional advice, the Vigorfit team offers a complimentary personal trainer via email. Pretty helpful considering a personal trainer can cost up to $100 per hour!

Total Gym Inclusions

  • Free Instructional DVDs: Total Gym developed six instructional DVDs with trainer Todd Durkin. These DVDs are categorized into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advance to help users progress through their fitness journey.

The Winners of the Vigorfit vs Total Gym Show-Down

For the general population, Vigorfit beats Total Gym on overall value, but both are reasonable choices when it comes to a versatile home gym. Overall, both represent a quality investment thanks to the multitude of exercises, easy storage, and the ability to adjust resistance levels.

If you’re larger than 350 pounds or place value in trusted brands, Total Gym is the best choice for you.

If you’re on a tight budget or think you’ll benefit from more than six resistance levels, Vigorfit is a better choice.

Use Vigorfit If:

  • You’re on a budget.
  • You weigh less than 350 pounds.
  • Have faith in the machine’s integrity and durability.
  • You’ll benefit from the additional attachments.
  • You don’t think you need DVDs to help you use the equipment.

Use Total Gym If:

  • You would like a full workout system infrastructure.
  • You prefer to buy known and trusted brands.
  • You would like the DVDs to learn to perform movements and continuously progress.
  • You need a robust machine for a heavyweight workout.
  • You don’t mind paying for quality.

Overall the Total Gym home gym is a better quality build and the Vigorfit is functionally excellent for the price.
Which home gym system are you leaning towards? We’d love to hear from you so please drop us a comment below.

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