The Best Resistance Bands For Glutes A Guide & 5 Reviews

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As we know, exercising at home is convenient, cost-efficient and can be great fun – honest. Resistance bands are fantastic tools for activating the glutes but they shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re after a full-body workout.

They are a versatile, inexpensive and a portable piece of exercise equipment. Apart from perfecting the ideal booty you can use them for strength training, general fitness, pilates, CrossFit, or even yoga routines.

The best resistance bands for glutes, the legs and other major muscle groups should be firm and suited to your fitness level.

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For me, the Recredo Non-Slip Resistance Bands is my winner from these, the best resistance bands:

Reviews of the 5 Best Resistance Bands for Glutes

1. Recredo Non-Slip Resistance Bands – Best Overall

These three resistance bands come in classic, “girly” or funky colors to suit all tastes. They also combine fabric and elastic for excellent durability. (White, gray, black in one set and green, purple, pink in the other).

Many reviewers enjoyed how sturdy the bands are while remaining flexible. Each of them is 0.12-inch thick and allows for strong resistance.

The comfortable feel around the thighs makes these bands great for getting strong legs.

I found them particularly good at staying in place while doing exercises like lunges & hip raises. I’ve had bands before which tend either to “stick” to you or ride up or down during activity.

This model also comes with a very helpful e-book and training videos. This is ideal for beginners or more experienced users.


Type Mini-band
Width 3.15 inches
Material Fabric and elastic


  • Includes an e-book and videos.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Included carry bag.
  • Different color sets.
  • Durable materials.
  • Tested product.
  • Do not slip.


  • Some users find them too strong to be beginner-friendly.
  • Manufacturer doesn’t advise of the precise resistance.

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2. Tribe Premium Resistance Bands Set – Best Versatility & Functionality

This model includes five latex bands of various resistance—from 10 to 50 pounds. Choose the best one according to your routine and experience. This is a comprehensive set resistance based gadgetry that is almost a home gym in itself.

Although not quite. And they are much more expensive than our number one resistance bands.

The set comes with two handles covered with high-density foam for a strong but comfortable grip. While some other users found them a bit wide, they’re nevertheless exceptionally sturdy and we found them a comfortable design.

Indeed, they contain durable nylon and stainless steel D-rings, but some users thought the D-rings a bit small and fiddly. I suppose if you’re in the middle of a heavy session they could be a bit tricky to use.

As a bonus, the bands come with a door anchor and two ankle straps. These can be useful to switch up your glutes exercises. And, if you’re unsure where to start, check the advanced exercise e-book.


Type Bands with handles
Width Handles 4.75″
Material Latex tubes, high-density foam handle, nylon and stainless steel D-ring


  • Five bands.
  • 12-piece set.
  • Latex with double-thickness.
  • Included e-book.
  • Comfortable and sturdy handles.
  • Odor-free.
  • Don’t slap.


  • Some thought the handles not suitable..
  • The D-rings may be a bit small for ease-of-use.

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3. Booty 3 Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt – Best for Ladies

I love the girly and fashionable style; even the black one contains some pink on the inner. Well! I’m a girl.

The three bands allow for three resistance intensities, from 14 to 50 pounds. While the lightest strength can be too weak for some users, it might be ideal for beginners or individuals recovering from injuries.

Along with the bands, you also benefit from lifetime access to the manufacturer’s video platform and 50 workouts.


Type Mini-band
Width 3.15 inches
Material Fabric and elastic


  • Three resistance levels.
  • Inner grip.
  • Robust stitches.
  • Included carry bag.
  • Includes video workouts.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Doesn’t roll or pinch.


  • Strong smell out of the box.
  • The lightest band can be too weak for some users.

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4. JDDZ Sports Resistance Workout Bands – Best Full Body Workouts

These five resistance loop bands can strengthen your glutes and provide full-body workouts. The thinnest bands can even assist during pull-ups.

They offer a broad range of resistances—from five to 120 pounds—but the bands could be more firm and rigid.

Each band contains 100 percent durable and environmental-friendly latex. This material doesn’t contain soluble proteins, so you shouldn’t experience any skin allergic reactions.

Finally, they come in a carry bag for simple transportation. Just note that the included pouch can quickly tear. Many users got it replaced – easily enough.


Type Loop bands
Width 0.25 to 1.77 inches
Material 100 percent latex


  • Five bands included.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-snap.
  • Breathable material.
  • Included training manual.
  • Carry bag.
  • Ideal for a full-body workout.
  • Users report exceptional durability.


  • Carry bag can tear easily.
  • Some users expected firmer bands.

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5. Insonder Resistance Bands Set – Best Value

Users love the value they receive with this set. It’s the lowest price-point from my list while still providing durability and quality.

The five bands contain high-quality latex and allow between 15 and 35 pounds of resistance. They should be suitable for most glutes’ workouts and prevent any skin reaction during exercise.

They’re also snap-resistant. However, some reviewers mention they easily slide during use and are thinner than expected.


Type Mini-bands
Width 2 inches
Material 100 percent natural latex


  • Snap-resistant.
  • Consistent length—12 inches.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes with five bands.
  • Allow from 15 to 35 pounds resistance.
  • Includes an e-book.


  • Thinner than expected.
  • Can slide during exercise.

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Shopping for the Best Resistance Booty Bands

Resistance bands come in various sizes and strengths to activate the glutes and legs but also strengthen the abs, back, chest and so on.

Although squats are beneficial in many ways they sure do pack a punch on the glutes. And resistance bands add an extra layer of intensity when doing upper leg and glute exercises like squats.

Here are some features to consider:


Mini-bands are ideal for workouts that can activate the glutes such as bridge, clamshell, donkey kick, squats and leg lifts.

Generally, the following video shows the large number of exercises for the glutes that you can perform with just a simple piece of equipment.

Fabric Bands

These bands typically combine elastic and fabric materials. They’re generally the most comfortable to the skin and are still durable. And for me the are more likely not to slip staying where they’re wanted.

That’s especially true when used around a big muscle group like the glutes.

Latex Bands

Latex mini-bands tend to be cheaper. They’re lighter and more compact than fabric ones but can tear more easily. They completely broke on me once and that was enough to put me off but maybe I was unlucky.

They’re better used in conjunction with lighter moves and take advantage of their portability.

If you’re allergic to latex, make sure you choose a 100 percent natural latex. This type doesn’t contain or contains very little, allergens.

Bands With Handles

This type of band consists of a long latex tube with two handles in each extremity. Because they’re longer than mini-bands, they’re ideal for full-body workouts, activating both the lower and upper body.

These can include accessories to diversify your workouts.

Loops Bands

Simply put, loops are long latex bands. They allow similar types of exercises to our previous type. Yet, they’re more versatile as you can double-it-up to adjust the length.


Weak bands might not activate your glutes enough to see noticeable results. On the other end, if they’re too strong, you can be easily discouraged and may not finish your sets.

Luckily, most band sets come with several strengths levels—from 5 to 50 pounds. Choose one adapted to your fitness level and slowly make your way up to the hardest ones.


For optimum comfort during your routines, look for the following features:

  • Anti-slip: Prevents the band from moving up.
  • Anti-pinch: Especially when working out in shorts while using latex bands.
  • Anti-snap: Durable and high-quality products should prevent the band from breaking.
  • Doesn’t roll: Avoid mini-bands from rolling up during exercise.


The best resistance bands for glutes come in various shapes and strengths. If you’re a beginner, choose a set that includes several strengths. You’ll be able to work your way up as you gain experience.

If your home gym is your second home, bands with handles or long loops can allow more diversified lower-body exercises.

The Recredo Non-Slip Resistance Bands make the top of my list. They come in colors suitable for all. They combine fabric and elastic materials for durability but also comfort against the skin and they’re very reasonably priced.

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