Most Suitable Treadmill Mats for Carpets & Home Floors

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Scratches left under treadmills on your newly polished hardwood floors are no joke. Neither is the thudding of your husband running on the treadmill in the early hours.

Instead, get one of the five treadmill mats for carpets or floors. Many of them are noise muffling and heavy-duty to protect your home decor.

If you would like to know our top picks of treadmill mats straight away, we have chosen:

  1. Body-Solid Tools Treadmill Mat.
  2. XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat.
  3. Balance From Go Fit High-Density Treadmill Exercise Bike Equipment Mat.
  4. SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 30GS
  5. Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

What Is a Treadmill Mat?

A treadmill mat may be one piece of equipment you’re missing from the home workout area that you never thought to buy. That is, until problems present themselves. More of which we’ll come to later.

The mats themselves are normally constructed from rubber or PVC-like materials, which helps with noise reduction, avoids scuffs and slipping.

Generally, they’re a bit bigger than your home treadmill in width and length and are laid out underneath as a buffer between your floor and the machine.

Why Do You Need an Under Exercise Machine Mat?

A treadmill mat itself may seem like a simple piece of rubber. But what’s the point?

First of all, the best treadmill mat for carpets will prevent your heavy, vibrating treadmill from sitting directly on top of expensive wool coverings when in use.

Without a mat to absorb the vibrations, scuffing can quite quickly occur. This can pull fibers from the fabric, resulting in wear and tear and a shorter life of the carpet itself.

Not only are treadmill mats essential to protecting your carpets, the best treadmill mat for hardwood floors will also be fabricated from a non-slip material. This adds another element of safety to your running sessions without the fear of the treadmill sliding along the floor.

Last but not least, being one of the annoying people that like to run at six am, I know first-hand how noisy my running sessions can be for my husband.

After buying a treadmill mat, it absorbed a significant amount of noise and thudding from the machine. So the volume was reduced, and we’re both happy!

So, a treadmill mat is essential if you’re looking to prevent scuffing of your carpet, markings on your floor and noisy runners in the house.

Also, don’t just think they’re only for treadmills. They work equally well for rowing machines, ellipticals and exercise bikes, just check the size.

Mat for yoga

And, if you want a further bonus, many can double up as an exercise mat for cardio, yoga or Pilates.

What to Look for in the Best Treadmill Mats

Treadmill mats can vary in all sorts of features, some including more than others. So select the correct mat for you, dependent on your needs.

Let’s say you live alone. You may not need a noise-canceling mat as much as someone who lives in a large family and busy household.

But, on the other hand, your treadmill may seem a little slippery on your hardwood floors, and you’d like to have a non-sliding mat underneath it.

Here are several features you may want to look for in the best treadmill mats for carpets and home floors:

Noise Cancellation

Manufacturers will construct the best treadmill mat for noise reduction from a high-density rubber or PVC material. Different mediums absorb or transmit sound waves better or worse than others.

By adding a noise-canceling mat under your treadmill, you will no longer disturb your family members with as much repetitive thudding and vibrating as before.

The denser the mat, the more protection from the noise you will get. This is due to densely packed mediums, such as rubber, absorbing more sound waves than lighter materials.

On top of this, it can also help to dampen the noise of the treadmill, allowing you to enjoy your workout music more. Or, my secret favorite, hear the TV better while running!

Non-Slip Material

Smartly constructed treadmill mats involve non-slip materials. This isn’t only a safety feature but also helps to keep your floors intact.

The best treadmill mats for carpets, hardwood floors and laminate floors are placed directly under your treadmill to prevent dangerous slippage.

This added safety benefit is perfect for those with children who may want to use the equipment.

Rubber or PVC mats with patterned indentations are ideal for non-slip effects.

These textured bottoms on the mat provide a suction-like effect between the mat and the floor.

If you would like to delve into the scientific world of friction and slippage then check the video below – see we’re all about giving here at tryHomeFitness.

Correct Size

Although it may seem obvious, it’s crucial to buy the correctly sized mat for your treadmill or whatever fitness machine you have.

A mat that’s too big may involve paying more money for an enormous product that’s excessive for your needs. Conversely, a smaller mat can make the machine unstable.

When looking for a treadmill mat, first measure the length and width of your treadmill or exercise machine and make sure this fits with the mat.

It may be worth considering buying a slightly larger mat than your machine to allow you to perform other exercises on the cushioned surface. These may involve stretching before or after your running routine, or even weight training.


Some of the best treadmill mats for carpets and floors listed in our reviews below are made from extra-durable rubber or PVC materials. This is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting mat rather than one you’ll have to replace every year.

For a home-style treadmill that’s able to be folded up, a slightly thinner and lighter mat can be ideal for you. However, if the treadmill is a static one or is particularly hefty, then you will want to consider a heavier grade mat.


You may be wondering why hardwood needs a treadmill mat in the first place.

Over time, a heavy home exercise machine like a treadmill can cause small indentations into your wooden floors. By placing a specially designed mat below it, you will be preventing the pressure directly onto the wood.

Best Treadmill Mats for Carpets

Let’s start with our top treadmill mat from Body-Solid.

Body-Solid Tools Treadmill Mat

Body-Solid Tool’s heavy-duty, durable construction makes for a long-lasting mat for your treadmill. It might be ideal for those looking for a sturdy mat that doesn’t need replacing every year.

It’s ideal for busy households with children and pets that may need a mat that they can’t easily destroy.

The noise muffling material is also suitable for canceling out a loud treadmill in the early hours of the morning. If your husband or wife won’t stop complaining about the din, then this can solve some (maybe not all!) of your problems.

Dimensions: 78 inches by 36 inches by 0.13 inches.
Weight: 8 pounds.


  • Suitable for ski-exercisers as well as treadmills.
  • Aids in reducing vibrations that cause damage to treadmills, prolonging their life.
  • Noise muffling material so you won’t disturb neighbors and family members.
  • Constructed from tough, durable PVC.
  • Carries a one-year warranty.
  • Prevents fluff from carpets entering your machine: useful if you have a thick or shedding carpet.
  • Lightweight, making it easily transportable if required.


  • A premium price for a premium product.

XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat

As mentioned earlier, some of the best treadmill mats for carpet provide noise muffling effects for particularly loud machines. If this is what you’re looking for, then the XMark Fitness XMat might just be for you.

Additionally, its ultra-thick material is perfectly designed to cushion your floorboards from the heavy treadmill, making it one of the best treadmill mats for hardwood floors.

Dimensions: 49 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches
Weight: 75 pounds.


  • Incredibly dense, it’s able to provide cushioning for noisy machines or exercises.
  • Sturdy and thick, can withstand a whole weight rack, if you would like a multifunctional mat.
  • Half-an-inch thick.
  • Textured non-slip surface.
  • Possibly one of the best treadmill mats for a laminate floor.
  • Made in the USA, hence suitable for those people who are concerned about provenance.
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber, this may appeal to the more environmentally aware.


  • Diamond imprint design traps dirt easily: not ideal if you are looking for something easy to clean.
  • Very heavy: the hard-wearing aspect means that it may require two people to move.
  • As the product is made from recycled materials, the manufacturer states it may not have a perfect finish.

BalanceFrom Go Fit High Density Treadmill Exercise Bike Equipment Mat

If you’re looking for a multi-functional, beautifully designed mat for your treadmill, then you may not have to search any further.

The manufacturers have created this product with aesthetic, yet highly functional, patterns on both sides to please the eye but also prevent slipping under your machine.

This may be attractive for people who will leave the mat in situ in living rooms.

Dimensions: 36 inches by 78 inches & 30 inches by 60 inches.
Weight: 5 pounds.


  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth, which may be a bonus for users who perspire a lot.
  • Can be used as a yoga or exercise mat too: which could be perfect if you want a multi-functional mat.
  • Available in two different sizes for the perfect fit.
  • Patterned design to prevent slipping under your exercise machine.
  • Lightweight (only five pounds) so can be moved easily when desired: this may appeal to older people or those lacking strength.
  • High-density material will protect floors from heavy exercise equipment.
  • Foldable version available for those looking for easy storage solutions.
  • Two-year warranty included.


  • Thin material, not as durable as other mats, may not be ideal for extreme use.

SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 30GS

As you may have noticed we have gone for the super durable mat and here is another one, this time from SuperMats.

The clue is in the name with this heavy-duty equipment mat, perfectly sized for most treadmill machines.

Not only is its material very hard-wearing, but it’s also constructed without harmful chemicals. This could be ideal for a household with young children and pets who may enjoy using your mat for fun!

Lastly, I like the fact I can also use this mat as an aerobic exercise mat, not just to secure your treadmill.

Dimensions: 30 inches by 72 inches.
Weight: 7-8 pounds.


  • Super-durable material to protect carpets and wooden floors from the damage heavy exercise equipment can cause.
  • Prolongs the life of your machine by cushioning it onto the floor.
  • Suitable for treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes and cross-country trainers.
  • Made without harmful chemicals: perfectly safe for children and pets.
  • Multi-functional as a bodyweight exercise mat.
  • Thick vinyl material dampens noise from exercise machines.
  • Non-slip material.


  • May have a stronger plastic smell than other mats.

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

One of the great features of Sunny Health’s Mat’s is that they come in three size variations.

Their multifunctional “EVA” foam means you can use this mat for other home workouts as well as for use under exercise equipment.

The noise muffling material is also a great choice for those looking to leave their other family members peacefully asleep in the early hours.

Dimensions: 79 inches by 35.5 inches by 0.2 inches.
Weight: 3.5 pounds.
Also available in 2 other sizes.
90 inches by 39.6 inches by 0.2 inches.
48 inches by 24 inches by 0.2 inches.


  • Three length/width variations: suitable for many different sizes of treadmills.
  • Durable and waterproof design means a long-lasting product.
  • Made with heavy-duty EVA Foam for greater comfort when using for other exercises.
  • Absorbs vibrations from your treadmill, resulting in less noise and more protection for your machine.
  • Easy to roll up and flexible: useful for those with collapsible machines who would like to save space when they’re not in use.
  • Non-slip design.


  • Thinner material than other mats. Not as good for those with weighty machines.

Conclusion…and the winner is…

So there we have it, 5 diverse and high quality treadmill mats for carpets, wood floors and laminates.

The clear winner of the best treadmill mat for carpets and home floors for me is the Body-Solid Tools Fitness Mat. This super-durable PVC is multifunctional and you can use it as a typical exercise mat for aerobics.

Furthermore, the Body-Solid mat is easy to roll up, just like a yoga mat, providing an efficient storage solution.

This could be perfect if you also like to store away your treadmill when it’s not in use. It’s also great for a busy household with kids or pets who you’d like to keep exercise equipment away from.

You really are getting a bang for your buck with this mat that also ensures no slipping by providing friction underneath your treadmill.

The Body-Solid Tools Fitness Mat ticks all the boxes.

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