5 of the Best CrossFit Shorts Women Will Look & Feel Great in 2024

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There’s nothing worse than getting ready for your workout, only to be bothered by bad shorts that ride up or won’t fit. We have hunted down the best CrossFit shorts women can comfortably and confidently wear in 2024.

Our top 5 results featuring the best CrossFit shorts women can wear while working out are the following. 

  1. Tough Mode Women’s 3″ Workout Compression Shorts
  2. 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts
  3. Under Armour Women’s Play Up 2.0 Shorts
  4. ODODOS Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts with Pockets
  5. Nike Women’s Pro 3in Training Shorts

Keep on reading to find out more about picking your next pair.

The Best CrossFit Shorts Women Can Wear in 2021

CrossFit is a great way to improve your physical strength as well as mental state as it increases the levels of endorphins and helps release stress. This is why many women choose CrossFit as a lifestyle to improve their confidence and increase their strength. 

Here are our top CrossFit shorts for women.

Tough Mode Apparel Women’s 3″ Workout Compression Shorts

With a perfect fit, these affordable shorts are comfortable enough for longer workout sessions. They’re made of a matte non-see-through active fabric that provides enough stretch and compression, so you can look and feel good. 

The material is durable and long-lasting to withstand being washed repeatedly without losing stretch. In addition, these shorts come with a wide waistband that won’t cause any discomfort or prevent you from improving your moves. 

They also come in tens of solid and print patterns to suit your taste. The solid ones are made of stretchy nylon, and the patterns are made of compression polyester, so you can pick what works for you.

I liked the stretchy ones more comfortable for my (rather shapeless) body.

The solid shorts also have pockets to keep your phone. However, you might need to size up because I found these shorts to run a bit small. 


  • Affordable price
  • Non-see-through fabric with a matte finish
  • Durable material
  • Wide waistband
  • Different styles with various degrees of stretch and compression
  • The solid ones have pockets


  • They run smallish

90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts

These high-quality shorts last wash after wash, keeping you comfortable and confident as you practice CrossFit.

They’re longer than other models, with two versions; one that measures 7 inches and another one that measures 9 inches to guarantee that they won’t ride up or make you feel uncomfortable while you’re working out.

They will also prevent chafing that you might experience with shorter shorts. 

At the same time, you can rest assured that the fabric won’t be see-through even when your body feels sweaty. They come with a hidden waistband pocket for your valuables.

If you’re looking for shorts that don’t offer much stretch, these will work for you because they stay in place. In addition, they’re suitable for those who look for more modest shorts. 


  • High-quality material
  • Longer design for more confidence
  • Prevent inner thigh chafing
  • Hidden waistband pocket
  • Not see-through


  • Not very stretchy

Under Armour Women’s Play Up 2.0 Shorts

If you’re not fond of very tight shorts, these ones will work for you with a comfortable yet elegant fit.

They’re made of 100% polyester with an elastic closure for more comfort while you’re working out. With the anti-pill and anti-pick finish, this fabric lasts for long with regular wash. 

The soft, lightweight knit construction is suitable for working out in high temperatures as the fabric provides excellent breathability.

The fabric and design allow the sweat to evaporate faster to give you more confidence while you’re working out.

At the same, the anti-odor technology gives you more confidence while you’re working out. 

Moreover, the shorts feature side pockets to keep your valuables within reach. Finally, they come in more colors and sizes than other brands, so you can select your best fit.

However, some users might not be comfortable wearing this relatively wide design. 


  • Polyester with an anti-pill finish
  • Lightweight knit construction to help sweat evaporate faster
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Feature side pockets
  • Come in more colors and sizes


  • The design might not be comfortable for some users. 

ODODOS Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts with Pockets

These shorts are made of soft and non-see-through 4-way stretch fabric that provides maximum comfort while you’re working out.

They’re high-rise with an elastic waistband to provide maximum coverage and prevent the muffin top look to give you more confidence. 

The Acepora interlock fiber is made of a blend of polyester and spandex with double knits to be firmer.

The shorts stay opaque even when you bend, and they give you a streamlined look and perfect contour.

The quick-dry, breathable fabric allows sweat to evaporate quickly with moisture-wicking features and UV protection to last for long. 

With ergonomic seams and a gusseted crotch, you’ll have a natural range of motion with no risk of chafing.

Moreover, the shorts feature elegant pockets, and they come in various colors and sizes. But these shorts tend to run small and might be shorter than other shorts. 


  • Non-see-through 4-way stretch quick-dry fabric
  • High-rise design with an elastic waistband to prevent muffin top
  • Double knits for a firmer and more comfortable fit
  • Elegant pockets


  • They run small

Nike Women’s Pro 3in Training Shorts

While working out, you want your CrossFit shorts to keep you dry and comfortable. Thanks to the Dri-FIT technology, the polyester and spandex composite fabric helps the moisture dry faster to help you stay focused.

The fabric is made of 50% recycled polyester fibers for those interested in decreasing their carbon footprint. 

These shorts feature a flat and elastic waistband for a great fit, and they won’t ride up while you’re moving.

They feature a gusseted crotch to increase mobility and support, and the fabric doesn’t lose its features when you clean the shorts in the washing machine.

They come in various colors with an elegant logo that makes you look and feel great. But compared to other shorts, these ones are slightly more expensive. 


  • Fabric allows sweat to evaporate faster
  • Made of recycled polyester fibers
  • Elastic waistband and gusseted crotch for more comfort


  • The shorts are more expensive than other models

How to Choose the Best CrossFit Shorts for Women

If you’re new to the whole fitness from home ethos check out our beginners guide to exercising. Many women take up CrossFit.

Almost 60% of CrossFit athletes are women, and if you’re not sure about the suitable shorts to get for your CrossFit training, you need to think about these features while shopping. 

Durable Material

Your CrossFit shorts will be washed regularly. This is why you need to make sure that the material is anti-pill to withstand being worn and cleaned after every workout. 


Make sure that the fabric is non-see-through as you do multiple CrossFit movements, even when you bend. This will give you more comfort and confidence while you’re working out. 

For longer sportswear check out our article on squat-proof leggings.

Sweat-Proof Fabric

Sweating while working out is normal, but you need to ensure that the material is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. This will allow sweat to dry faster to stay cool and comfortable. At the same time, this reduces the odor for more confidence. 


You need to make sure that your shorts are the right size. If your shorts are too tight or too wide, you might not be able to move comfortably. This is why you need to make sure that your CrossFit shorts come in various suitable sizes. 

Elegant Design

CrossFit shorts can be short or long, so you can choose the ones that work best for you. Longer shorts prevent chafing but can be a little bit restrictive. On the other hand, if your shorts are too short, they will allow you to move comfortably but might not provide enough coverage. 

Extra Features

Your shorts should look good while making you feel comfortable and supporting your movement. Choose a wide waistband to support your body and make you look your best while working out. If your shorts have pockets, it will be a big plus, so you can carry your phone and wallet. 


  1. Why are CrossFit shorts tight?

CrossFit involves a lot of movement, and the shorter shorts don’t restrict your movement while you’re working out. They should be able to provide basic coverage without getting in the way. 

  1. What are the benefits of a gusseted crotch?

A gusseted crotch features an extra piece of material to provide more comfort. As a result, you’ll be able to move better. 

And Finally Our Best Crossfit Shorts For Women

We chose the Tough Mode Apparel Women’s 3″ Athletic Workout Compression Shorts as our best CrossFit shorts for women because they’re made of durable non-see-through material, so you can feel confident and comfortable while working out.

They come in solid colors and patterns, so you can choose the right option for you. 

If you don’t feel that these shorts work for you, you’ll find other cool options on our list. Just check the features that you should look out for, and you’ll be able to find the right CrossFit shorts.

For men, we have also looked at CrossFit shorts.

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