The Best Vibration Machine & Plate for Toning at Home

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Treadmills and ellipticals…both highly effective pieces of cardio equipment.

Yet, the thought of these can strike fear into the fitness enthusiast.

However, the best vibration machine can provide similar benefits without a punishing and chest-exploding workout.

Let me take you through what they are and the best on the market.

We’ve reviewed 3 top vibration plates…

VT High Frequency VT003F Linear Vibration Plate Machine
LifePro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate Machine
Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine

and 3 top vibration full-body machines…

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform
Axis Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine
Murtisol 3D Vibration Power Plate Machine Platform

Brief History

8th Century BCE Ancient Greeks develop an oscillating bow to treat war injuries.

1867 Gustav Zander creates a therapeutic weight-and-pulley vibration system.

1895 John Kellogg, the man behind cornflakes, invents the vibrating chair to improve circulation and cure constipation: here’s a videodon’t laugh.

1960 NASA develops vibration technology to alleviate bone loss in astronauts.

1970 Vibration machines become mainstream.

What Do Vibration Machines Do?

With whole-body vibration machines, you typically stand on a vibrating platform.

These vibrations make the muscles contract and release numerous times every second, leading to the sensation that you’re exerting yourself.

Furthermore, these vibrations can promote additional health benefits, such as the formation of osteoblasts, the cells that encourage new bone growth.

How Do They Work?

An electrical current powers motors beneath the stand-plate.

The amplitude, frequency, and direction in which the vibration platform moves influence the results and intensity you will achieve.

In the simplest terms, these vibrations make you unstable. To prevent you from falling off, the body flexes and tenses muscles to maintain balance.

About Frequency

In vibration machines, frequency is the number of rotations the platform makes per second (Hz).

When manufacturers state the frequency in their machine, this is in its unladen state.

Since a person standing on the machine causes friction (as it adds weight), in reality, the actual frequency is lower than that declared.

Theoretically, the higher the frequency, the more significant the health and muscle benefits.

Yet, research shows that vibrations in the range of 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz can cause adverse health effects (the area into which vibrations machines fall).

However, this only seems to be the case where people expose themselves to these vibrations for a lengthy period. For example, in an eight-hour working environment.

G-Force – That Sounds Like a Lot of Geees

Some manufacturers declare the G-force of their devices.

In this circumstance, the G stands for gravitation. Ironically, G-force isn’t a force, it’s the acceleration that the machine invokes on the body.

The G-force of a vibration machine is affected by the amplitude and frequency of the vibrating plate.

Higher G-forces means that your body experiences greater acceleration which has a more significant effect. Typically, vibration machines with a smaller vibration platform and a powerful motor produce a higher G-force. Conversely, vibration machines with bigger platform sizes have lower acceleration.

If you’re looking for a vibration machine to relax the joints or massage, choose a vibration machine with low acceleration. If you want to lose weight and tone muscle, select a vibration machine with a high G-force.

Benefits of Vibration Machines

John Kellogg primarily used his bespoke chair to cure constipation. However, using the best vibration machine can provide many more health benefits:


Research shows that whole-body vibration can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart arrhythmias.

Back Pain

Woman demonstrating best vibration machine with handlesBy activating muscle fibers and strengthening core stability, vibration therapy improves back flexibility and lowers discomfort.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Studies show that using a vibration machine reduces blood pressure, even after exercise. Furthermore, scientists discovered that vibration therapy improves heart rate variability in obese women.

Encourage an Active Lifestyle

The weight loss, cardio improvements and enhanced flexibility that the best vibration machine provides elevates vitality, meaning you’re more likely to lead an active lifestyle.

Childhood Cancer

Experts explain that vibration therapy is an effective treatment in increasing bone mass in children who survived cancer.


Clinical evidence demonstrates that whole-body vibration increases balance control, and improves the sitting-to-standing movement, in middle-aged adults and older.

Muscle Strength

Papers published by the University of Wyoming show that the better vibration machine can increase muscle strength by up to 51 percent.

Bone Density

Scientists explain that vibrating the body elevates bone mineral density and is an effective treatment against osteoporosis, common in post-menopausal women.

Possible Downsides to Using Vibration Plates

While rare, there are some disadvantages in using even the best vibration machine, including:

  • Certain frequencies: while 30 Hz is considered safe (for up to eight hours a day) at a G-force of 0.3g p-p (peak to peak acceleration); some are dangerously high at 15 g p-p.
  • Nausea.
  • Back: may increase the risk of lower back pain and sciatica.
  • Brain: there’s limited evidence that body vibration may cause brain damage.
  • Certain groups: avoid using the best vibration machine if you’re pregnant or have heart issues.

Different Types

Generally speaking, there are four types of vibration machine:

  • Full body: also known as whole-body vibration, you stand on these machines which send vibrations from your feet through to your head.
  • Tri-plane: these move backward and forward, up and down, and side to side.
  • Lineal: up and down motion.
  • Oscillating: move from side to side.

Do They Provide a Cardio Workout?

I highlighted earlier in this Best Vibration Machine review that these pieces of equipment are beneficial for the heart.

However, experts have shown that standing on a vibration machine isn’t as effective as standard cardio exercise—such as cycling, swimming or running.

Yet, some users utilize their vibration machines while doing cardio—such as using the vibrating plate as a raised platform for step exercises.

Weight Control?

Studies show that using a vibration machine three times a week for ten weeks can promote weight loss.

Features – What to Look For

To reap the ultimate health benefits you need to consider the following factors, ensuring you receive the right vibration machine for your particular requirements.

Motor Capacity

Measured in watts, the motor capacity affects power.

If you’re a heavier person or use weights on top of the vibrating plate, this can reduce the motor’s efficacy.

Hence, if you’re planning on applying substantial loads to your machine—go for a larger engine.

Oscillating machines typically require more substantial motors than lineal.

Amplitude Settings

Measured in millimeters, amplitude refers to the displacement of the vibrating plate. A higher amplitude increases the amount of movement and hence, the intensity of your training.

Again, oscillating machines have bigger amplitudes than linear, so don’t compare them directly.

Adjustable Frequency

The more extensive the range, and the option of selecting stages in between means you can adjust your training difficulty more precisely.


Vibrating plates take up little room and can be discreetly hidden in cupboards or under the bed.

Those with handles are bigger and require more space, although they offer increased stability for the user.


Pre-programmed fitness routines can take the guesswork out of adjusting your vibration machine settings.

Plate Size

A larger plate size means a more stable workout. However, bear in mind that as the plate size increases, the machine also requires a more powerful motor.

Good Warranty

Vibration forces place your equipment under severe pressure. A lengthy warranty period provides peace of mind.

Best Vibration Plates

Let’s kick off this review of the best vibration machine with what we consider to be the ultimate vibration plate on the market today, the VT003F.

1. VT High Frequency VT003F Linear Vibration Plate Machine

An immense product that’s tough enough to handle everyday use, but sufficiently compact as an excellent space saver; making it the best vibration machine available.
The remote control prevents any unnecessary bending over, so it may appeal to those with restricted movement.


  • 80-watt motor—powerful for a linear machine.
  • An amplitude of 1.5 mm to 3 mm provides intense up and down movement.
  • Adjustable frequency of 15-50 HZ—the body’s natural soft tissue range.
  • Includes inelastic hand straps for stability or arm vibration.
  • Three programs: for cardio, relaxing or muscle toning.
  • Small 22.2 inches by 19.1 inches by 6.3 inches plate size means it transforms the maximum amount of power into vibration.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • G-force of 5.82.


  • A 264-pound weight limit means it’s not suitable for the larger person.

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2. LifePro Hovert 3D Vibration Plate Machine

A modern-looking vibration machine that offers 3D movement. That is, both side to side and up and down simultaneously. Which I would suggest, would make it appeal to those looking for the ultimate home vibration workout.


  • Twin motors for a wide range of movement.
  • Has an amplitude of 0-10 mm (the larger ranges are for pivotal action).
  • Resistance bands for stability and arm toning during your session.
  • Five built-in programs changed by remote control.
  • A larger plate measuring 30.5 inches by 17.3 inches by 5.9 inches may appeal to the less stable person.
  • The vibration plate comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Three different vibrating modes for those who demand adaptability.


  • Restricted frequency range of 4-15 Hz, it may lack intensity for serious enthusiasts.

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3. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine

This may prove to be the best vibration machine for those people looking for purely oscillating motion. Furthermore, if bending over is an issue, the device is activated by standing on it; there’s no requirement to switch it on.


  • Strong 200-watt motor.
  • Detachable resistance bands for stability or arm and chest training.
  • Three preset programs.
  • 2300 revolutions per minute for intense vibration.
  • Clean lines and a white color may appeal to the more reserved user.
  • Practical plate size of 26.8 inches by 15.5 inches by 5.5 inches could be beneficial for enthusiasts looking for stability but not at the expense of power.
  • Speed is adjustable through 20 levels for those wanting to increase intensity as fitness elevates.


  • Restrictive frequency range of 5-13 Hz.
  • 265-pound load capacity.

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Best Vibration Machines (Full Frame / Handles)

For people wanting heftier gym-like vibrating machines, few come close to the Confidence Full Fitness.

1. Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

If you’re looking for the power of a handled oscillating machine, yet haven’t the room for a massive piece of equipment, this could be the best vibration machine for you.
Measuring just 46.9 inches by 26.2 inches, it fits snugly into any room corner.


  • Immense 600-watt motor, possibly useful for those looking to use weights while on the equipment.
  • Extensive 50-60 Hz frequency for vigorous workouts.
  • Lightweight at 62 pounds for smooth relocation.
  • Three built-in programs and 50 speed settings could make this machine ideal for users of all levels.
  • Small vibration plate measuring 21 inches by 15 inches means no power is lost.
  • One year warranty.
  • Maybe perfect for larger users with a 300-pound capacity.


  • Small plate may be insufficient for less stable people.

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2. Axis Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine

If you’re searching for a space-age looking machine that can move easily from room-to-room, this may prove to be the best vibration machine.
With distinctive black and red coloring, you can relocate this oscillating equipment on its front-mounted wheels.


  • 500-watt motor.
  • With 99 speed settings, this could suit users who want the maximum range of personal tailoring.
  • Thick, rubberized handles may appeal to those lacking strength in their hands.
  • Three pre-programmed workouts.
  • A substantial 27.5 inches by 29 inches plate should benefit larger persons or those who lack strong balance.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Includes BMI sensors to monitor your progress continually.


  • Large size yet can only accommodate 265 pounds.

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3. Murtisol 3D Vibration Power Plate Machine Platform

If you’re looking for a machine that will monitor your cardio, you may consider this the top vibration machine for your needs. It includes heart rate monitors in the handles to keep a check on your fitness levels.


  • 15 different adjustable vibration speeds for intensity control.
  • 500-watt motor.
  • Three pre-programmed workouts.
  • A 28 inches by 22 inches vibration plate means that power is not compromised by stability.
  • Suction cups increase stability and lower noise—possibly useful for those in apartments.
  • Large LCD display may appeal to those with poor eyesight.


  • Lack of wheels may not suit those wishing to move it easily.
  • Dominant branded design could be a turn-off for those with more refined tastes.
  • 265-pounds weight capacity.

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Best Vibration Machine Conclusion

In this Best Vibration Machine review, there are two clear winners.

Firstly, the ultimate vibration plate is the VT High Frequency Linear Vibration Plate Machine.

It’s small and compact yet can handle up to 264 pounds. Furthermore, it has a massive (for a pure plate) 80-watt motor pushing out around 5.8 G’s.

In the full-size vibration machine category, there’s no other choice than the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform.

A slimline product, yet it can cope with an immense 300 pounds of weight. Combine this with an impressive 50 Hz frequency, 600-watt motor and a small plate, and you have a seriously intense product.

Don’t get me wrong, all the products here in their own way are excellent choices, but the Confidence and VT003F stand above the rest.

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